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Sophtron's Vision
Data are invaluable for both individual and business uses. Nowadays data are scattered across the internet and difficult to access. Built upon machine learning and natural language processing, Sophtron automates data aggregation process for the first time without human intervention.

Our Story

How We Got Started

Back in 2011, when we were working on a previous startup, we struggled with using a data aggregation service for financial data. Existing technologies heavily rely on two sources of data collection: APIs, and manually written scripts. Most of the valuable proprietary data, such as financial data or medical history records, do not provide an API. Manually written scripts easily break as institutions modify their websites or data format.

Due to the limitation of existing technologies, the data service constantly got distrupted. We assigined additional support staff to deal with customer complaints and open support tickets that took weeks to be closed. The non-stop "outages" cost money and hurt our customers' experience.

How We Built Sophtron

Out of frustration with the existing data aggregation technologies, Sophtron was founded in late 2016 based on our belief that, advanced machine learning technologies, combined with robust engineering architecture, can make data aggregation much more reliable and affordable. Sophtron data aggregation system incorporates both proven machine learning technologies in the industry and cutting edge algorithms that are developed by our own R&D team.

Sophtron was founded by a team of software veterans with years of experience in both information retrieval and machine learning. Together we are ready to work closely with businesses and individuals to take on this challenge and unleash the power of data.

Join Us in a Mission to Unleash the Power of Data
We are building the first fully automated data aggregation service to free both individuals and businesses from tedious data collection tasks. No matter whether you are a customer interested in utilizing our service, or a partner interested in working together, or a developer interested in jump into an exciting adventure that changes the digital world, drop us a line. We would like to hear from you.

Who We Are


Sophtron was founded by a team of software veterans and serial entrepreneurs. Connect with our leadership team to learn more about us.


Sophtron's headquarter is based in Seattle, Washington. Team members are also located in Orlando, Florida and Beijing, China.

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